Outstanding authors contribute to the on-line modules contents

In order to develop a very relevant and useful modules, experts in the field were selected and recruited.
Moreover, all the partners contribute to the 4 on-line modules in drafting their content, and with suggestions and advices in order to adapt the modules to each country reality. In particular the following authors are involved in the elaboration of the modules content considering their huge expertise in the field and their previous experience with children with ASD:

  • Iolanda Sztrelenczuk has a Bachelor Degree in Literature and has been teaching for more than 20 years. Ten years ago, she became interested in special education after her daughter was diagnosed with ASD. She attended a variety of courses to better understand the educational needs of students that learn differently. She started a pilot educational project – the first inclusive classes for students with ASD in mainstream Romanian schools – with great benefits for students with ASD but also for the teachers. She is also a trainer helping teachers to better understand the condition and adapt their teaching to the students needs.
  • Pop Anamaria Gabriela has a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education since 2008. She has been a school counselor and a partner for Autism Baia Mare Association since 2009 . Her trainer’s degree offered the opportunity to create a course accredited by the Ministry of Education and train over 500 teachers about adapting their teaching strategies when having a student with ASD in the classroom. She has also worked with other ONG`s as a school counselor, mainly with student with special needs.
  • Roxana Cardoş, Ph.D., is a psychologist specialized in clinical psychology and psychotherapy, accredited by the Romanian Board of Psychologists (www.copsi.ro) and Albert Ellis Institute, SUA (http://albertellis.org/). She received a bachelor’s degree in psychology (2011), an M.A. in “Clinical
    psychology, counseling and psychotherapy” (2013) and graduated at the Doctoral School “Psychodiagnostic and scientifically validated psychological interventions” (2017), at Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca. Her expertise includes scientifically validated services for adolescents and adults, either individually or in groups, focusing on: 1) psychodiagnostics and treatment of anxiety and depressive disorders; 2) educational and vocational counseling; 3) personal development, and 4) promoting individual and organizational health.