SPASD Project meeting

The project was kicked-off in in Bucharest on November 30th, 2017. The first meeting was an occasion to
discuss about the project activities, the development and accreditation of the e-learning modules, the
methodology for the baseline and final project evaluations and about the transnational meeting to be
organized. In particular, the meeting consisted of 4 sections dedicated to project management
presentation, communication and dissemination activities to be performed, e-learning management,
presentation of each partners held by the WP leader. All partners were present at the meeting, giving the
opportunity to all participants to have a fruitful discussion and a detailed understanding of the tasks and
goals of the project.
The second transnational meeting has been held in The Netherlands to define the working chart of the
project and in particular to discuss about the on-line platform of the project,
the intellectual outputs development timing, the recruitment of the authors and the e-learning technician
and the content elaboration.
The third meeting has been organized in Poland (Warsaw) on April, 16th 2018, to finalize the modules 1
and 2, to discuss about the development of modules 3 and 4, to define the initial assessment survey

characteristics for all modules, to discuss about the e-learning platform and about the e-learning training
program evaluation.
Next meeting will be held in Italy in September 2018.